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Getting Started
Events Champ provides awesome tools for organizers to be able to manage their events and by extension, tickets. To get started with an event,

Step 1

Log into your organizer account and click on manage ticket on the left pane.

Step 2

From the dropdown, click on Create Event.

Step 3

On the Host an Event page, type in your Event name in the field provided. Submit the form to proceed.

Step 4

Go through the event creation process by filling in the event basics info, location info, date & time info and ticketing information.

Step 5

Once done, submit the form to create the event.

Step 6

The default status of the each newly created event is set to Inactive. This is to allow organizers to make final edits before the event can be published and visible to everyone. Once the event is ready to be published, click on the toggle button on the event page to set it to Active.

Create a Ticket

Once a paid event is created, organizer can be able to create multiple ticket plans for the event. Organizer can set name of ticket, short description, quantity to be sold etc. User can create as many ticket plans as is necessary for the event. The tickets are displayed on the event page and sorted by start date in ascending order.

Edit Ticket

Organizers can edit ticket once the ticket plan is created. To update ticket name, stock/quantity, description etc, click on edit ticket located on the ticket plan of interest. A dialog modal will popup with an Edit a Ticket form. Update the form with the required information and submit to apply changes. Note that you cannot adjust the quantity of tickets to below the total paid quantity.

Delete Ticket

To delete a ticket, click on delete ticket located on the ticket plan of interest. A dialog box would popup asking for confirmation. If that ticket has paid orders, the popup would display a message that the delete action cannot be taken. However if the ticket doesn't have any paid orders, then user can click confirm and delete the ticket plan.

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