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Getting Started

Events Champ is a web software social marketplace platform for events managament, ticketing and bookings for organizers, artists, attendees and businesses. The platform provides valuable tools for organizers to create, manage and process payments for events or venues, colloborate with team members, get followers, get valuable leads and much more.

The plaform also helps Artists get booked for events all around the world, promote upcoming events, track earnings, colloborate with team members, get subscriptions and much more.

To get started with an account, you must first know the type of account you want to create (Organizer, Artist or Attendee) and in which country you want that account to be associated to. Except the attendee account, the currency of any account is automatically assigned based on country. Once you have made this determination, you must read our terms of Use before proceeding to register for an account.

The platform fast tracks registration for attendee accounts with the only requirement being the user verify the email address used to create the account to let our team know that they are reachable on that address. However the organizer and artist account after email verification would be required to complete registration by creating an organizer or Artist public profile as well as invite team members to connect to the account. The whole process takes less than 5 mins to complete.

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