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Events Champ is absolutely FREE to use by Artists, Organizers and Attendees. However purchasing tickets by attendees comes at a 3% booking fees of the total cost of the ticket. Organizers are charged at 0% commission on their account wallet and thus do not pay commissions on their accrued revenue. Changes to any fees structure would be communicated to all user account at least 2 months before the changes take effect.
Yes, Events Champ allows attendees to claim a refund if services were not provided by Organizers. However the window for such claim is limited from start of event to just a day after event ends. Further than that the Organizers would be solely responsible for issuing refunds. Please note that booking fees are non-refundable.
No. Such action is prohibited. You can however delete a ticket plan if it’s not associated to any paid order.
Yes. Events Champ do have an option to integrate seating for your event.
No. Once an event end, Events Champ will automatically process all paid orders payments into your account wallet. Once payments are processed, the super administrator user who has access to an authentication code can submit a withdrawal request. This helps secure account and make sure payment is going to the right bank account
We process all order payment into account wallet once the event ends. However we payout into bank account 2-3 working days after a withdrawal request is received from the account. We make exceptions for partner accounts with recurring events.
Yes you can cancel an event with paid order. However, all users with paid orders would be issued a full refund totaling the amount of the tickets. Booking fees are absolutely non-refundable.
No. Only users with access to an Organizer account and at least one active event, can submit booking requests to Artists.
Yes. With Events Champ you can invite other users to connect to an organizer or artist account. A new user is automatically assigned to a staff role. However user with super administrator role can elevate or demote any user account to either admin or staff or delete/disconnect any association of any user to the account.
Yes you can view the activities of various users connected to your account if you have an administrative role.
Depending on the country and the payment processor being used, you can access credit/debit card, mobile money, google pay, Apple Pay and bank transfer options.